EXM17 Eyelet LED Module

The EXM17 LED module can be used with any garment that has an integrated iLume eyelet*. The LED module simply locks into the eyelet and can be removed again for battery replacement or for washing the garment.

Purchase this product if you need a replacement LED module for any garment, bag or accessory item supplied by any of the following brands;



*This product is only compatible with the 17mm internal diameter eyelet (as shown in the photo). Please contact us if you are unsure about compatibility with your garment.


LED Mode 1: Slow Flash (power saving)

LED Mode 2: Rapid Flash   

LED Mode 3: Constant

(After 2 hours, all Light will switch to Mode 1, run for another 6 hours then auto OFF)


EXM17 Eyelet LED Module

    • High performance 10 Lumen LED module
    • Constant, slow flash and rapid flash modes
    • Up to 1000 hours battery life (slow flash)
    • Shower resistant for outdoor use
    • Locks into i-Lume 17mm eyelet
    • Visibility > 500m
    • Replaceable CR2032 lithium coin cell battery
    • Remove from the garment before washing