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We supply a range of standard i-Lume products that are specially designed for apparel and textile applications. Our producs are very simple to apply by any stitching or bonding method and are washable for permanent integration. We also offer removeable lighting modules that offer the flexibility to be interchanged between garments.


EXM                 LED module  - eyelet attachment

EXM-MAG     LED module  - magnetic attachment

EXM-ZIP         LED module -  zip puller attachment


SXM                Stitch-in LED module


HIVIZ-TX        Lighting tape with multiple LED's


HIBEAM-T      Stitch-in high brightness torch 





All i-Lume products can be custom branded or produced in a range of colours to co-ordinate with garment trims and fabric detailing. Flashing and light sequencing modes can be specified to suit any application.

i-Lume products can be supplied in branded packaging for retail. We also make fully finished accessories such as LED armbands with custom branding and packaging.


For full details of our product range including specifications and pricing, please contact us to request a catalogue.

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