EXM-PRO LED Module - Adidas

The EXM-PRO LED module is our ultra-thin LED module compatible with Adidas 20/21 Wind.RDY jackets containing the integrated i-Lume eyelet. The LED module simply locks into the eyelet in the jacket and can be removed again for battery replacement or for washing the garment.

Purchase this product if you need a replacement LED module for your Adidas Wind.RDY jacket.

The EXM-PRO LED Module uses a CR927 Lithium coin cell battery.


Please contact us if you are unsure about compatibility of this product with your garment.

EXM-PRO LED Module - Adidas

    • High performance 4 Lumen ultra-thin LED module
    • Constant & rapid flash modes
    • Up to 100 hours battery life (rapid flash)
    • Shower resistant for outdoor use
    • Locks into i-Lume 17mm eyelet
    • Visibility > 200m
    • Replaceable CR927 lithium coin cell battery
    • Remove from the garment before washing
    • Compatible with Adidas Wind RDY Jackets
  • Press & hold down 2 seconds to turn on to Mode 1

    Mode 1 = Rapid flash power saving mode

    Quick press to switch to Mode 2

    Mode 2 = Constant mode

    Press & hold down 2 seconds to turn off

    The LED module will AUTO-OFF after 2 hours of operation as a power saving measure. The LED can be switched on again if required.